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As the world trends shift rapidly nowadays, so does the Best SEO tactics that actually work. Some hacks that could have made you rank at the top of first result pages just a few years back can get you penalized seriously by big brother. Yet other efforts often overlooked by marketers can make the biggest difference as the rules of the game have changed. Whatever the reason may be for you wanting to rank highly in search results, here are some of the latest and most effective techniques that are still relevant in 2017 with a little bit of a nymph.
• Focus on improving your site speed and efficiency
Making your design faster and more efficient for the use is on the way to ensure your visitors stick with you and actually buy something or even just an idea. They are also more likely to come back, and this is good for your rank.
• Engage you users
Your visitors may be on browsers, but they are like the big cats out on the savannah own in Africa hunting. When thy land on your site they are going to be looking through promptly with hardly any time to waste reading anything. You should impress them, or else they will move on just as a lioness will move on to the next group of antelopes if they can’t quickly spot weak prey for easy kills. So even with the highest click through rates, your conversion could still remain low if your page is not optimized for viewing by visitors to impress.
To achieve this, you can use:
o Inverted pyramid writing bringing the most important ideas first
o Captivating and original images
o Bucket brigades
o Format your website for easier reading
• Focus on YouTube SEO
Google owns the YouTube Platform, and it is not surprising that Videos frequent first page results each and every time. If you use a video, you are more likely to rank high enough for your customers to find you.
• Use longer pages
More content is good particularly if it is authoritative content and not just spam. You can resurrect you existing blog articles and add to their length to make them more useful to the consumer.
• Focus on topic rather than keywords
Keywords can be harmful if overused. Google ranks you better for relevance and usefulness of your content rather than having the highest keyword density. Once upon a time that worked but not anymore. It just boils down to being able to help someone rather than putting your own interests first. First inform then sell, welcome to the communication age.
• Build backlinks
Quality legal backlinks are one better way of growing your traffic and improving your rank on SERPs.


In conclusion, you need to understand your audience very well if you want to remain relevant and thus achieve and remain to rank at the top of SERPs. It is all about giving a meaningful service or piece of information to the consumer. And making your site ready for the Search Engine for visitors to have an easy time locating what they are looking for – which includes making your site mobile ready and friendly. And for these and many more advanced Search Engine Optimization tactics, you will be lucky to have your Scottsdale SEO consultants by your side.